Sushi                  $7.75
Four pieces of nigiri sushi

Sashimi              $10.25
Selected fresh fish slices

Sunomono         $9.25
Japanese salad of seafood & vegetables with vinegar dressing
Takosu               $8.25
Sliced octopus in a vinegar sauce
Ika Sansai Zuke   $3.95
Seasoned squid and vegetables

Ika Teriyaki         $ 6.95
Sauteed squid in teriyaki sauce

Seaweed Salad            $3.95
Assorted seas vegetables

Soft Shell Crab              $9.95
Deep fried crabs served with spicy mayo sauce

Takoyaki              $4.95
Fried wheat cake with octopus


Kaki Fry                        $7.25

Fried oysters 


Spicy Ika Ring                $6.95

Deep-fried Calamari with spicy mayo sauce


Saba Shioyaki                $6.25

Broiled salted Sanma fish


Salmon Shioyaki            $7.25

Broiled Salted Salmon

Salmon Miso Butter       $7.25

Sauteed Salmon in special miso sauce

Ika Maruyaki                 $9.95

Grilled squid


Shrimp Shumai             $4.25

Steamed shrimp dumpling with hot mustard

Tempura             $4.95

Deep-fried shrimp & vegetables in a golden light batter

Takikomi Gohan    $4.00

Steamed rice with tuna, shrimp, seaweed, mushroom, and carrots


Yakitori            $4.95

Broiled chicken on skewers with teriyaki sauce


Negimayaki     $5.95

Thin slices of  beef wrapped around scallions and cheese  cooked in teriyaki sauce


Gyoza             $4.25

Fried pork dumpling with special sauce


Wasabi Shumai            $4.95
Pork Shumai seasoned with wasabi

Beef Karashi-Ae            $5.95
Cooked think sliced beef with mustard sauce

Tatsutaage                    $5.95
Deep fried chicken 

Steak Tataki                  $9.25
Grilled steak with garlic ponzu sauce

Spicy Miso Chicken       $6.25
Grilled chicken with spicy miso paste (contains garlic, gochujang, sesame oil, and miso paste)


Agedashi Tofu          $4.25

Deep fried tofu in a lightly seasoned soy sauce


Yakko Tofu               $3.95

Chilled soft tofu with seasoned sauce

Yu Tofu                    $4.95

Tofu in a mild seaweed flavored broth

Mushroom Teriyaki           $4.95

Mushrooms sauteed in Teriyaki sauce

Tofu Steak               $4.25

Pan-fried tofu cooked with special sauce


Ohitashi                  $3.95

Boiled spinach with flaked dried bonito

Gomaae                  $3.95

Boiled spinach with our special sesame seed sauce 


Edamame                        $3.95

Steamed soybeans in the pod


Tossed Salad      sm $1.95  Lg $4.25

Fresh salad with our original Sakura ginger dressing


Otoushi                    $3.95



Green Salad        $4.75


Fresh, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts with  spicy dressing and wasabi mayo



Sashimi Salad      

Green salad with certain raw fish. Prices vary depending on which sashimi you would like to have