Tuna                $4.60


Yellow Tail        $4.60

Salmon            $4.50

Shrimp            $4.50

Snow Crab       $5.50

Striped Bass     $4.50

Sweet Shrimp   $7.90

Super White     $4.50

Squid                 $4.40


Mackerel            $4.40

Octopus              $4.40


Eel                      $4.80

Sea Eel                $4.60

Salmon Roe         $6.00


Albacore Tuna      $4.50

Egg                     $3.40


Clam (Hokki Gai)  $4.40

Scallop                $5.20

Conch                  $4.80

Sea Urchin            $7.20

Flying Fish Roe      $4.50

  Extra: Quail Egg       $1.50

Krab                    $3.20

Maki Rolls

California Roll          $4.40

Imitation crab, avocado, cucumber



Tuna Roll                 $4.40



Salmon Roll             $4.40



Yellow Tail Roll         $4.40



Eel Cuke Roll            $6.20

Sea Eel, cucumber, eel sauce



Scallop Roll             $6.00

Raw scallop, flying fish roe, green onion, spicy sauce



Asparagus Roll        $4.40

Asparagus Tempura with spicy sauce

Bob's Roll                  $5.80

Asparagus Tempura and smoked salmon with spicy sauce


Shrimp Tempura Roll  $5.40


Hoosier Roll               $5.80

Tuna and avocado with spicy sauce


Soft Shell Crab Roll     $9.80


Philadelphia Roll        $5.80

Smoked Salmon, avocado, and cream cheese


Rock 'n Roll               $8.80

Eel, imitation crab, avocado, and smelt roe


Texas Roll                  $7.20

Salmon, green onion, smelt roe, chili oil,  and jalapeno masago with spicy sauce

Gabe Roll               $7.20

Tuna, green onion, and smelt roe with spicy sauce



Mix Florida Roll       $7.20

Tuna, salmon, green onion, smelt roe, and tenkasu with spicy sauce



New York Roll          $5.80

Shrimp, avocado, and cucumber



Smoked Salmon      $5.80

Toasted smoked salmon, cucumber, gobo, and dried bonite



Vegetable Roll         $4.40

Cucumber, spinach, kampyo, carrot, and avocado

Cuke Roll                $3.80


Special Roll

Alaskan Roll             $13.95

Salmon, shrimp, krab, avocado, gobo, cucumber, flying fish roe, and salmon roe


Boston Roll              $12.95

Steamed asparagus, tuna, and shrimp with wasabi mayo


Canadian Roll          $9.25

Smoked Salmon, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese, and flying fish roe with spicy sauce


Catapiller Roll          $12.95

Eel, avocado, krab, and cucumber with eel sauce



Crispy Roll               $8.75

Shrimp, krab, tobiko, and avocado with tempura bits



Crystal Roll              $12.95

Salmon, avocado, cucumber, shiso, kaiware, and wasabi tobiko with wasabi mayo



Dragon Roll             $16.75

California Roll with Eel, and Eel sauce

Hawaiin Tuna Roll              $8.25

Tuna, avocado, mango, and leaf lettuce all wrapped in soy sheet with hot sauce


Holiday Roll                       $12.95

Tuna, jalapino masago, shrimp, and avocado


Hungary Roll                      $12.95

Tuna, shrimp, tobiko, egg, cucumber, seaweed salad, scallion, and pickled ginger


Ninja Roll                          $9.25

Softshell Crab on top of California roll


Samurai Roll                      $9.75

Softshell Crab on top of Bob's roll


Spicy Crunch Tuna Roll        $8.75

Tuna, avocado, and flying fish roe with tempura bits


Super Saiyan Roll                $9.95

Tuna, salmon, avocado, cucumber, and flying fish roe with roast garlic chili oil

Sushi & Sashimi for LUNCH

Sushi Lunch #1          $11.95

5 Nigiri pieces (tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, krab, eel) and softshell crab hand roll


Sushi Lunch #2          $12.95

6 Nigiri pieces (tuna, yellowtail, salmon shrimp, krab, eel) and shrimp tempura roll


Hosomaki Combo      $10.95

Tuna, cucumber, and California roll


Sashimi Lunch            $14.95

Assorted slices of fresh fish and rice


Chirashi                      $15.95

Assorted slices of fish on a bowl of sushi rice


Tekka Don                 $14.95

Tuna slices on a bowl of sushi rice


Sushi & Sashimi for DINNER

Nigiri Yokozuna       $30.95

Sixteen nigiri sushi, a california roll, and a choice of shrimp tempura or asparagus tempura roll


Nigiri Delux            $18.95

Nine nigiri sushi and one roll sushi (tuna, y.tail, albacore, salmon, shrimp, squid, striped bass, clam, ikura, tuna roll)


Nigiri Regular         $15.95

Seven nigiri sushi and one roll sushi (tuna, salmon, shrimp, striped bass, squid, tobiko, krab, egg, california roll)


California Dinner    $11.75

Eight giant piece roll with crab, avocado, cucumber, and fish roe


Sakura Maki          $16.95

Sakura's number one jumbo maki roll


Sashimi Dinner A                  $21.95

Assorted 14pc slices of fresh fish and rice


Sashimi Dinner B                  $22.95

Sashimi, tuna, salmon, yellowtail (4pc each)


Sushi-Sashimi Combination   $25.75 

Large tray of sushi and sashimi delights


Chirashi                               $19.75

Assorted fresh fish on a bed of seasoned rice


Tekkadon                             $18.75

Slices of tuna on a bed of seasoned rice


Hosomaki Combination         $11.25

California roll with tuna and cucumber


Futomaki                              $11.75

Eight piece roll with fish, egg, and vegetables

Sashimi Chef's Choice            $50~